School Information

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Kindergarten & First Grade: 8:20 a.m. - 1:50 p.m.
Second Grade - Eighth Grade: 8:35a.m.- 3:05 p.m.


Kindergarten & First Grade: 8:20 a.m. - 1:50 p.m.
Second Grade - Eighth Grade: 8:35a.m.- 1:50 p.m.

NEW Uniform Policy: Devon Aire K-8 Center is a mandatory uniform school. All students are expected to wear their uniforms each day. Below is a list of what clothing pieces students are to wear to school. Approved school colors are Navy Blue, Burgundy, and White polo tops in the Elementary level. LOGOS WILL BE MANDATORY. Shirt colors for the Middle School are Light Gray, Black, and Royal Blue. LOGOS WILL BE MANDATORY. Bottoms are to be Navy Blue, Khaki, or Blue Jeans (appropriate relaxed fit). No sweatpants are permitted! For both boys and girls, shirts are to be tucked in and a belt is to be worn if the piece of clothing has belt loops. All students are to wear closed shoes. No sandals, Croc style, or roller shoes are allowed. Parents' cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated and necessary. All other spirit shirts will only be allowed on Fridays!!!

Dade County Public Schools Board Regulation requires that you provide the school with certain documentation before your child will be admitted (registered) in any Dade County public school. The following is a list of documents / information required to register your child:

  • Student's original birth certificate

  • Proof of address in parent or guardian's name (FPL or legal notarized lease or mortgage documents)

  • Health Records

  • Up-to-date immunization records (with T.B. Test and complete physical exam)

Should you find it necessary to withdraw your child from school, the school office and the teacher should be notified at least two (2) days in advance. All textbooks and library books must be returned to the school before withdrawal/transfer documents are released.





The Before/After School Program at Devon Aire K-8 Center offers a variety of academic enhancement and enrichment activities, including homework assistance, indoor and outdoor games, music, and arts and crafts have been planned for your child’s time in our program.  If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at 305-273-2131.  Our fax number is 305-270-1826.


The Devon Aire K-8 Center Before School Care, After School Care, and Story Hour Programs are fully licensed by the Department of Children and Families (DCF).  All staff members have been screened according to the DCF guidelines.



Activity Leaders—Our Activity Leaders have had DCF In-Service Training or are in the process of attending these classes.  Most are attending a local college or university and are majoring in Education.


Secretary—The After School Care Secretaries are in the office from 10:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  You may reach them at (305) 273-2131 if you have any questions about the After School Care, Before School Care, Story Hour or Summer Camp Programs.



Our program attempts to provide a variety of activities for the children.  Some of these activities include:

                                1.  Supervised homework                                 5.  Arts and crafts

                                2.  Organized playground games                       6.  Library activities

                                3.  Organized indoor activities                           7.  Computer games

                                4.  Educational games                                       8.  Special activities



Each day a snack will be provided for your child after the regular school day.  If your child has an allergy To foods or dyes, you must indicate this special information to the office.  If there are any special dietary conditions, parents must provide the snack.



Before School Care

7:00 am—8:20 am

Story Hour

2:00 pm—3:00 pm

After School Care

2:00 pm—6:00 pm

All Day Care (Teacher Planning Days)

7:00 am—6:00 pm


Fees must be paid IN ADVANCE on a bi-weekly basis.  There will be no partial payment for partial use of the program.  PLEASE VISIT OUR OFFICE FOR A FEE SCHEDULE.  Non-Devon Aire students may enroll for teacher workdays if they are enrolled in another Miami Dade County after school care program.  There will be no refund if the child attends any part of the service period.  Payment must be brought into the Before/After School Care Secretary by an adult.  A Miami Dade County School Board receipt must be issued upon payment.  Payment is due prior to each service period for After School Care and the last working day of the month for Story Hour and Before School Care.  A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed per child if payment is not received by the due date.


PLEASE ENSURE PAYMENTS ARE MADE ON TIME.  If payment is not made within five days of the due date, your child will be withdrawn from the program.  It is imperative that your account be kept up to date.  Remember, Before/After School Care services will be terminated if payments are delinquent.



Parents receiving subsidized child care through Miami-Dade County Child Development Services must adhere to the guidelines as outlined in the Parents Rights and Responsibilities for Service Form, and are responsible for fess in excess to the voucher amount.



Each child is required to purchase the Miami Dade County Public Schools authorized accident insurance.  This is a Miami Dade County School Board policy and is for the child’s protection.  This insurance must be turned in at the time of enrollment.  No child may participate in any of our program(s) without proof of insurance.  This is supplemental insurance and DOES NOT take the place of family or individual medical insurance coverage.  It is your responsibility to become familiar with any insurance limitations and other information provided in the brochure.



All sections of the registration cards must be completed.  EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION and the EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENT CHECK OFF is mandatory.  It is extremely important that you notify the program manager if there are any changes in the emergency contact and/or authorized pick-up.  No registration will be considered complete without the following:


1.        Registration cards must contain two emergency contacts.  These contacts must be local and reliable.  These people must be available to pick up your child in case you are unavoidably detained.

2.        Dismissal arrangements must be specified.  Only persons authorized by the parents will be allowed to pick up the child.  These people must be listed on the registration card or you may write a note with your signature or call for special pick up instructions.

3.        Medical information must be filled out completely.

4.        All fees must be paid in advance.

5.        The Miami Dade County Public School authorized insurance must be in force.



If your child attends day school but will not be attending After School Care, please contact the after school care secretary at (305) 273-2131.  We have an extensive pick up process to ensure that all children are in attendance.  Notifying us in advance will shorten this process considerably and avoid us calling you at work.  If you are picking your child up at school dismissal time and they are not staying, check the child out in the day care office so we are aware of the change.



The before school care program begins at 7:00 a.m.  Parents MUST bring the child into the cafeteria to sign them in.  Please be sure that you have your Before Care pass for your dashboard to display.



A child can only be released according to the instructions specified on the registration card.  If any emergency arises, you are expected to make arrangements so that your child can be picked up on time.  If these arrangements differ from the dismissal arrangements that are specified on the registration card, you MUST notify the office in writing or by telephone of these changes.  If these arrangements cannot be confirmed, After School Care will not be able to release the child.


Arrangements can be made to release a child to walk home at the specified time by writing a note or putting special instructions on the emergency contact card.


You must sign your child out in the After School Care Office and secure a pass to release your child from the Day Care leader.  Leaders may not release the child without this pass.  Children will only be brought to the office in case of physical handicap or emergency.  Failure to follow this process may result in the withdrawal of the child from the program.



When a student becomes too ill to remain in After School Care, we will contact you.  For this reason, it is most important that we have accurate telephone numbers or that we are notified immediately of any changes in a work number or emergency contact information.


Clinic facilities for emergency care in school are very limited.  Also, there are no certified medical personnel on duty at school.  Therefore, we would appreciate your making arrangements for taking your child home promptly for adequate care when sick.


We are not permitted to give any medication to a student except when the following requirements are met:

  1. The Miami Dade County School Board form, Authorization for Medication, must be filled out completely and signed by both the physician prescribing the medication and the parent or guardian.
  2. Prescription medication brought to the After School Care office by the parent or guardian must be in the original container with the name of the physician, child’s name, and the medication directions written on the label.
  3. The child must be responsible enough to report to the After School Care office to receive his/her medication.



Games from home can many times be disruptive in an After School Care situation.  Please consider this when allowing your child to bring games to school.  The Before/After School Care program will not assume any liability for games.



We expect all pupils to be polite courteous, and respectful, to obey their After School Care Leaders, and to work and play together properly.  Parents will be notified if their children have serious behavior problems.



Parents can help their children and the school by supporting the Activity Leaders in their work with the students.  Pupils whose behavior is such that it hinders the progress of, or endangers the well being of other students, shall be excluded from class, and from the After School Care Program until such a time as the Before/After School Care staff can be assured that the pupil is able to cooperate in the program.


After School Care is part of the regular school program and serious offenses can result in the child being suspended from school.  The Miami Dade County Schools Code of Student Conduct-Elementary is used as discipline guidelines. (See page 13)  NO PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT WILL BE USED ON ANY CHILD.  POSITIVE BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION, SUCH AS REDIRECTING BEHAVIOR, PRAISING GOOD BEHAVIOR AND USING A “TIME OUT” WILL BE USED WHEN NECESSARY.



Late pick up can be a serious problem.  It is important that you have a backup system to ensure that your child will be picked up by 6:00 p.m.  There will be a $10.00 LATE FEE CHARGE for any part of each ¼ hour (15 minutes) after 6:15 p.m. that you are late picking up your child.  Your child may be withdrawn after excessive late pick-ups.



The After School Care Program shares a telephone with the main office.  This telephone is for transacting business and to handle emergencies.  Please be sure your child understands your instructions about pick up and any change of plans.  Your child will not be allowed to call you to change pick up plans by another parent.




It is most difficult to call children to the telephone or to accept individual messages for the children.  Many times the children are participating in activities outdoors.  We must ask for your cooperation in not asking us to deliver a message except in an emergency.



After school care leaders are the authorized caregivers.  Children may not be picked up from the office unless the child is ill in the clinic.



After School Care will provide a supervised homework period Monday through Thursday.  This period will vary in length from 30 – 60 minutes.  Leaders will help students with some problem areas.  However, this is not a tutorial program and the leader cannot check all homework.


If your child consistently has difficulty with the level of the homework, you may wish to request a conference with the teacher to try to resolve the problem.



Please discuss the following rules about homework with your child.

1.        Each child is responsible for writing down his/her assignments. A homework pad would be helpful.

2.        Each child is responsible for bringing supplies necessary to complete his/her homework.  This includes paper, pencil, books and any other supplies that are necessary.

3.        Each child is required to work quietly, and in a manner that will allow others to complete their homework.

4.        If your child’s homework is completed for the day, he/she is required to have something quiet to do during homework time.  This may be reading a book, completing a puzzle or activity book, or anything of an academic nature.  NO GAMES WILL BE PERMITTED DURING THIS TIME.



We will make every effort to provide your child with time and a place to complete his/her homework.  However, tutoring is not available in the daycare classroom.  It is also important for you to participate is this process.  Below are some ideas to help make you a partner in your child’s education:


1.        Discuss the school day with your child.

·         This will help you understand the work he/she is doing

·         This will help you see any areas of weakness your child might have

·         This will help your child understand that you think school and homework are important.

2.        Help your child with mistakes, but be generous with verbal praise for academic accomplishments no matter how small.  Not every child can be the smartest in the class, but each child CAN make improvement.

3.        Keep in touch with your child’s teacher.


We would like to thank you for your interest in our programs.  Our main concern is in your child’s safety and enjoyment of our programs.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us in the After School Care office at (305) 273-2131 or talk to the managers.